We'd love to feature all our work, but there are some that really show off what we do. When the concept, the cast, directing, editing, visual effects and music all come together like a fine orchestra playing -- the results are pretty amazing.


We create stories that invite emotion, action and change the way we see the world.


Every story is worth sharing through the lens of our cameras. We work with you to ensure it's done correctly - aligning directly with your strategy, objectives and goals.


Develop and produce video stories from the end-users point-of-view. Sharing a common human experience which drives more views and actions.


Highlighting the fun and good times at events can enhance brands and motivate people to connect at a more personal level.

Award winning content that captures your audience.

"They're very creative and know what they're doing. With some companies, you have to choose whether you want a creative team or strong project management, but we didn't have to sacrifice anything when working with Source TEN.

Source TEN team took a project with a pretty limited scope and helped us see the possibilities for something much more impactful. Their vision, collaborative spirit, professional expertise, cultural understanding, and commitment to the Hispanic community made them the perfect person for the job.

Is so wonderful to work with Source TEN.  Everyone in their team is a great listener, they’re able to take what you are saying and turn it into something tangible.  They excel at guiding you to better options while still giving you what you want.  Their communication skills are very impressive and their follow through is what today’s businesses need.

Seamless production that takes the burden off your shoulders.

“They were excellent.They gave us a really personal touch to the project. It was great to have a solid team but also only need to get in touch with a few individuals.We knew that we were in safe hands.”