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Looking to expand your reach into diverse markets? Create videos for various ethnicities and in multiple languages. Let's take a look at the Hispanic market for example:

According to studies conducted by some of the biggest academic institutes in the world, Hispanics are rapidly growing to become the fastest growing ethnic groups within the U.S. It's projected they will make up to 53% of the overall US population. To market properly to the right customer segment, it is important to consider the language, culture and traditions of your target customer group.

Targeting social media allows you to effectively benefit from this larger consumer group in the United States with an extensively growing reach. At Source TEN, we help bridge the cultural gap by transforming your message to resonate with Hispanic audiences.


Hispanics as a group are extremely tech and media savvy. Just take a closer look at Digital diversity  and how they use YouTube for a glimpse at what an opportunity you could tap into.


Need to produce videos in Spanish? We can help, from strategy to message to production!

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This is a great place to add a tagline.

No worries. Our team will work closely with you, your marketing and public relations team(s) to determine the main objective(s), best strategies and type of creative that will work best for you.

Struggling with your brand image or message? We can help you there as well with walking through various brand blueprint development strategies, audience profiling, features and benefit workshops and more. At Source TEN, we believe that the more we know about your needs - the better the final project will be.

We look forward to turning your idea into a reality.

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